Artists + Kids Cactus Bundle (ages 3+)

Artists + Kids Cactus Bundle (ages 3+)

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Everything you need (and nothing you don’t!) to have a blast making frame-worthy art. Create alongside your friends or on your own – no matter how you do your #parallelogramming, it is high-quality quality time.

Each artist-quality kit in a bundle come with:

-8x10 watercolour board
-Paint brush (that works for oil, acrylic and tempera too!)
-Four watercolour paints: light green, dark green, sandy brown and deep purple (in reusable containers)
-Inspiration to get you started

Each kid-friendly kit in a bundle (ages 3+) come with:

-Acid-free foam board
-Sparkly paint brush (colours may vary)
-Four neon paints: light green, yellow, orange and purple
-Illustration inspiration to get you started

As with any art project, this can get messy so protect your work surface and your clothes. Keep artist-quality supplies away from children. Kids’ kits are not designed for children under 3.

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